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The latest release from USD and a whole new boot mold for 2016; the USD Aeon 72 Black Skate. The Aeon skate has generated so much hype and anticipation since early leaked photos showed that USD were concentrating on creating a one-piece lightweight non-ufs unibody boot. Once USD decided to create a new aggressive skate they had to be sure it was something completely innovative, ground breaking and high performance whilst still being affordable. In so they had to completely shatter the rules and drop the universal frame system (UFS) out of the equation. By taking away the ability to remove the frame and creating a solid one piece boot / frame it allowed USD to minimize the amount of hardwear (bolts etc) used and lower the overal center of gravity giving you alower ride with better control and more in tune to your feet. It also makes them feel solid, no clicky sounds here. Next USD concentrated on wheel set-up. Without UFS bolts you can move the centre two wheels outwards and create extra space in the grove area for grind tricks whilst riding a flat set-up of larger wheels. In the case of the Aeon 72 you can ride max 72mm wheels.

The skates come well spec'd out the box with heatmouldable MYfit Skinny Boy custom liners which fit like a glove and eleminate any pressure points. You get a full flat set-up of eight 72mm / 88A wheels loaded with WCD ABEC 7 bearings. 

Size Tip: If you are used to buying based on the 'UK' size shown then these fit true to size. You should usually be able to buy your regular trainer size. The EU conversion is a little unorthodox in this model though, so if you are used to buying in 'EU' sizes then the skates fit SMALL for the EU size shown so you should buy 1 size bigger than you usually would in EU sizes. For example, the UK7 is converted as an EU42 on this skate. It fits just like a UK7 should, but smaller than you'd usually expect an EU42 to fit.