Collection: Gift Ideas

Not sure what to buy for the skater in your life? No problem with one of Momma Trucker Skates gift ideas!

Gift Bags

We have two options available, either build your gift bag to your own specifications or choose from one of our pre-filled gift bags

Option 1.

Fill your own! Included in the price are the gift bag, a selection of stickers, badges, keyring, lolly sweet, then simply choose from the drop down menus the items you would like to add, each item has a discount applied for being bought as part of the gift bag. You can either do this on the website using the drop down menu choices or even easier just send us a message at with all the items you want & we can add it to a pre-filled basket for you with a discount applied. 

Option 2

Completely clueless & not really not sure what to buy, then choose from one of our great pre-filled gift bags with everything you need for a set price. Choose from kids get bags, roller derby themed gift bags, park skater gift bags

Included in price for all gift bags,

  • Gift bag of your choice
  • Lolly sweet
  • Selection of stickers
  • Selection of badges
  • Keyring

 Gift Cards

We can make out gift cards to any amount, if you're unsure on sizing how about  vouchers for the amount of a specific product.

We can do online cards too if you are unable to come in store to spend.