Mota Bushings

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Cast-urethane versus the traditional injected urethane bushing, equates to higher-rebound, quick response, stability, agility and longevity.

The design is a two-piece system with unique shaped  top and bottom. Bottom is larger, supporting the majority of the tension and stabilizing/control. The top is smaller, shaped to respond quickly, and provides a snappy return.  The two bushings meet in the middle of the tuck, providing a smooth transitions from side to side.

NOTE: You may choose to MIX Mota bushings to gain even more control of your BOSS plates.
Example: Skater may mix between any hardness. Top to bottom ratio will be per skaters preference.

  • Available in 4 hardness’s (X-Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard)
  • Sold in sets of 8 (4 bottom, 4 top)
  • Made of high quality, high-rebound poly urethane formula
  • Made by cast (NOT injected) extends life of bushings
  • Two piece system, custom shapes to optimizing response, stability, and agility

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