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Yolo Abec & Bearings 8pk

Yolo Abec & Bearings 8pk

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You Only Live Once so skate today like there is no tomorrow.

Yolo Bearings are a highly rated bearing for all levels and styles of skating and are very good for those that prefer to be skating rather than servicing bearings. Quality bearing for competitive skating, speed, derby, jam, dance, parks, fitness, recreation roller skating, skateboards, inline skates, roller and inline hockey. Spend more time having fun & less time servicing bearings. Advantages; deep grooves, removes debris that enters the bearings while skating, easily remove and replace shields to extend bearing life and maintain high-performance. Get ready to enjoy a smooth, fast ride.


  • ABEC 7
  • 608 – 8MM
  • High-performance skate bearings
  • Long lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Deep grooves – removes debris
  • Removable and replaceable non-contact shields
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