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TSG Tahoe A Knee Guard

TSG Tahoe A Knee Guard

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The Tahoe Cap Air A is a rugged mix of hard and soft protection, engineered by professionals to save knees from biking’s school of hard knocks.

The pad includes an injection-molded hardcap for reduced friction slides, while inside soft Arti-Lage impact-foam sucks up shocks and provides added support to vulnerable knee joints.

The main body of the Tahoe Cap is made from a lightweight Ariaprene sleeve, that is not only comfortable and secure but also breathes and wicks moisture, for a dryer, more airy fit and feel.

From home trails and bike parks to backcountry descents the Tahoe Cap delivers trusty protection against the hardest of bails.


  • Amplified Softshell construction,
  • Arti-Lage foam
  • CE certified


  • Pre-Shaped Design
  • Breathable Ariaprene
  • Horseshoe Shape
  • Kevlar Stretch around knee
  • Anti-Slip NBR, Lateral padding
  • Top Velcro 360° Strap
  • Bottom Velcro strap
  • Removable foam
  • Pull-over design
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