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Seba Trix 2 80 Black & Pink Inline Skates

Seba Trix 2 80 Black & Pink Inline Skates

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At Seba, they believe that every foot should have a Skate with the perfect fit, so they designed this model to suit the thinner shape of a women's foot. As well as being more comfortable, the Trix 2W Skates have a more feminine design with a V-Cut liner and a thinner strap. Plus, did we mention how good they look with the touch of pink in the wheels and laces?!

Not only are the Seba Trix 2W Skates stylish, but they were designed with security and comfort in mind as well. Sebahave equipped them with a Removable Brake, 4D Frames and 80mm/85A Street Kings Wheels.


  • Liners: Integrated V-Cut Liners with Premium Insoles
  • Closure: Ankle Velcro Strap, Mid Ratchet Strap, Bottom Velcro Strap and Laces
  • Frames: 4D Flat 243mm Frames
  • Wheels: Seba 80mm/85A Street Kings
  • Brake: Removable 4 Wheel Brake
  • Bearings: ABEC 7
  • Use: Freestyle, Grand Tourism, Fitness and City Skating


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