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Seba High Light Competition Inline Skates - Black

Seba High Light Competition Inline Skates - Black

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The Seba High Light Carbon Competition Skates are the crème de la crème of the Freestyle Skates. Ergonomically designed to the highest quality and specification, they offer support where it is needed most. The triple point boot closure system holds your foot firmly and securely to provide unmatched responsiveness.

For those skaters who are looking for extremely durable skates while also allowing for greater weight reduction and a more precise response to your movements, the Seba High Light Carbon Competition Skates are perfect.

Seba have fitted Rockered "V" Frames with 84A Hyper Concrete wheels. Hyper Wheels have been famous in the inline skating scene since the 1990's, they have always been renowned for their quality and produce wheels suitable for every type of inline skating discipline you can name. The Concrete Wheels are super hard wearing, grippy but still fast and are really high rebound so provide a silky smooth ride.

Whether you are skating the city streets, testing out the ramps at your local skatepark, or slalom skating, the SebaHigh Light Carbon Competition Skates offer tip top specification for all disciplines!


  • Liners: Integrated Liners with Premium Insoles
  • Closure: Ankle Ratchet Strap, Mid Ratchet Strap, Bottom Velcro Strap and Laces
  • Cuff: Carbon Fibre
  • Boot: Carbon and Fiberglass
  • Frames: "V" Rockered Frames - Sizes 34-39: 231mm / Sizes 40-47: 243mm
  • Plate: 7 Hole Energy Plates
  • Wheels: Hyper Concrete 84A - Sizes 34-39: 76mm / Sizes 40-47: 80mm
  • Bearings: ILQ9 Pro
  • Use: Freestyle, Freeride and City Skating
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