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Seba 17' High Light Carbon 310 Inline Skates

Seba 17' High Light Carbon 310 Inline Skates

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If you're looking for a great all round skate, the Seba 3 Wheeled High Light Carbon Skate provides the best features for slalom and freestyle skating, but with three 110mm wheels, it is also perfect for long distance and city skating.

Seba have chosen to use carbon fibre on the High Light Three Wheeled Skate as it is extremely durable and it also allows for greater weight reduction and a more precise response to your movements. This is further complimented by the addition of a lightweight aluminium plate within the shell which also gives a better transfer of energy.

The frame fitted to the Seba High Light Carbon Skate has been designed with slalom skaters in mind but works just as well for general skating. Three, Seba 110mm Speed Wheels provide more agility and speed than traditional four wheel skates.


  • Boot: Carbon fibre shell with integrated liner
  • Frames: Seba Aluminium Frame
  • Wheels: 3 x 110mm Speed wheels
  • Bearings: Twincam MW9
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