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Renner A Series Complete Skateboard - A16 Jax Extreme

Renner A Series Complete Skateboard - A16 Jax Extreme

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Renner A Series Skateboards

Renner A series inc abec 5 bearings & black trucks.

The Renner A Series boards are the entry level Renner graphic board range, but even though these may be the entry level they still feature a 9 Ply board profile, great trucks, wheels and bearings for this price point.

This board will give the skater an exceptional ride whether learning for the first time, in the skate park or out on the streets. All the A Series boards are supplied with free stickers, a User Manual and swing tags which give the specification of the board which is great for store display.

Renner A-Series Specification

Deck: 31" x 7.75" 9 Ply Chinese Maple Deck
Trucks: Renner 135 Coloured Trucks with Carbon Steel Axles and 95A Cushions
Wheels: 53mm 95A Renner Flame Wheels
Bearings: Abec 5 Bearings
Grip Tape: 80S Full Grip Tape
All Boards include Stickers

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