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Radar Crush Wheels - Various Colours!

Radar Crush Wheels - Various Colours!

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Radar CRUSH Wheels

The Tiny & Manoeuvrable Outdoor Dance Wheel, Crush

Radar Crush is the first and only wheel designed specifically for outdoor roller dance. Manufactured in the USA, the Crush wheels offer a dazzling combination of control and feel. At 48mm tall, transitions, spins, and crazy legs are easy and fast. High rebound 84A and 88A formulas provides versatility for all types of outdoor surfaces.


  • Made in USA
  • Outdoor Performance for Roller Dance
  • 48mm x 31mm on Micro Hub
  • Lavender 84a or SeaFoam 88a 



  • Who is Radar Crush for?
    • Crush is designed for outdoor roller dance skaters. The small size makes dance moves fun, whippy, and fast. 84a and 88A hardness's offer comfort, control, and feel on most outdoor surfaces.

    What surface is Radar Crush for?

    • All types of outdoor surfaces including concrete, asphalt, driveways, parking lots, tennis courts, and garages.

    • Radar Crush also works well for indoor surfaces when skaters want to get down in the home - Crush is great on tile, composite, and sheet floors.

    Is Radar Crush good for roller rinks?

    • For rinks with well-maintained floors, skaters may find the Crush too grippy indoors. Crush will work well for roller rinks that have slippery floors or poorly maintained floors.

    Is Crush good for all types of outdoor skating?

    • Because of the 84A and 88A hardness's, Crush is a great wheel for skating on many different outdoor surfaces. The small height is not well suited for long distance outdoor skating. We recommend the Radar Energy for trail skating.


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