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Qube Ceramic Bearings

Qube Ceramic Bearings

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QUBE Bearings by Sure-Grip have been years in the making, nothing has been

overlooked. Using a special 3D modelling process, we call QUBE, which means Quality
Utilizing Better Equipment, we have engineered a Roller Skate specific bearing.

For over 70 years Sure-Grip has been making the finest roller skates in the world, and now
comes the first roller skate bearing designed for roller skating.

Several professional skaters have taken part in the design of these new bearings and we are confident that no
other bearing on the market can produce a better feel or roll.

Trust the professionals and
trust a bearing that was designed specifically for roller skating.

The QUBE Ceramic bearing uses ceramic ball technology, the best bearings in the
world use this same technology.

Product Description and Features :

Ceramic material can take more heat than conventional
steel making them last longer and perform better under harsh conditions. This bearing is
greased making it even more efficient at taking heat and makes the bearing last longer.

Greased bearings also take less maintenance than standard oiled bearings, although free
spin will be decreased which is not much of a factor since weight is applied to the bearing
during skating.

Ceramic material is also stronger than steel making them less susceptible
to impact shock, a common cause of bearing failure. If these factors apply to you then
the QUBE ceramic bearing is the perfect bearing for you.

Pack Contains 16 Bearings.

Also, Available in 7 mm, Pack of 16

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