Moxi Poppy Skates

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"Always make sure that whatever you choose to do in life, be PASSIONATE about what it is that you are doing and happiness will always fall at your feet"

An inspirational quote from Estro-Jen (real name Michelle Steilen), creator of Moxi Roller Skates whose idea behind Moxi Skates was to "revitalise classics for women on a roll!". Ordinarily roller skates for women have usually been white or tan, and black for the guys, but have now been revamped into five eye-catching designs and put "fashion on wheels by putting a colourful spin on a fun American pastime."

The sugar sweet high top, red suede Lolly Floss Skates from Moxi are high quality, eye catching roller skates which come with a decorative Moxi printed liner and cut out are the perfect accessory for summer and sport while still looking cute!


Boot: Moxi Red Suede
Plate: Thrust Nylon
Wheels: Juicy smoke pre fitted with Abec 5 Bearings
Toe Stop: Adjustable Black
Available in:

Sizes: 4-10 Full Only - Medium width