Kryptonics Impulse Outdoor Wheels 8pk

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Kryptonics Impulse wheels are arguably classic pieces of extreme sports design. Long favoured by skateboarders as a high-speed 'skate-anything' wheel, they are actually intended for roller skaters - hence being sold in a set of eight! 62mm Quad skate wheels are coveted by all the roller-disco dancers and roller-derby slayers - they're also available in an enormous selection of colours, so great for colour-matching your boot set-up. Impulse wheels are similar in performance, size and shape to the old Sims wheels, which were also manufactured by Kryptonics). However, Impulse wheels have a better core and the rear edge is also radiused aiding them in 'climbing' over pavement and road cracks. Please note that these wheels are supplied without bearings. Kryptonics have a rich heritage dating back to 1965 for making premium quality wheels - these Impulse quad wheels are no exception. Supplied as a set of eight wheels.

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