Chaya Jelly cushions

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Chaya Jelly Cushions are interlocking, which means that they fit together like peanut butter and jelly! This technology translates into better power transfer, smoother, more reliable action, and longer lasting cushions!
  • Set of 8 Cushions
    • 4 Barrels, 4 Cones
    • 12mm Diameter
  • Compatible with metal Chaya Plates
    • aka Zena, Ophira, and Shiva
    • Cones work on Shari Plates but Barrels do NOT!
  • Hardnesses:
    • Pink - 80A
    • Red - 85A
    • Orange - 90A
    • Yellow - 95A
Fits: N/A
Options: numbers
Sold per: Set for 2 plates

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