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Harsh Pro Roller Derby Wrist Guards

Harsh Pro Roller Derby Wrist Guards

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Harsh Roller Derby Wrist Guards are designed specifically with Roller Derby Skaters in mind and feature a streamlined version of the EVA foam that is also found in their knee and elbow protective pads.

This means that the same great shock absorbing qualities you come to expect from your knee pads, combined with the thick ABS splints which are impact resistant and fitted both top and bottom, will also protect your wrists from impact if needed.

A porous terry-cloth material is carefully stitched on the back of the Harsh Roller Derby Wrist Guard so you can wipe your brow whilst skating. The same material is used also as an internal liner to help with sweat absorption and it also molds to the contour of your wrist to provide added comfort when the thick Velcro wrist straps are tightened securely.


  • High density ABS removable/replaceable top and bottom splints
  • EVA Shock absorbing foam to cushion impact
  • Pull on loop to ensure a snug fit
  • Porous internal liner to absorb sweat
  • Molds to contours of your wrist
  • Thick Velcro closures

Harsh not only produce helmets using industry leading technology, they also have a wide choice of wrist guards available to suit.

Whether you're skateboarding, playing Roller Derby or hitting up the streets for some freestyle action, these wrist guards are made using only the finest materials available to keep you protected.

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