Harsh Pro FlexFit Elbow Gaskets

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Don't be fooled by the lightweight, low profile design of the all new Harsh FlexFit Elbow Gaskets, they're built to protect the key areas around your knee on impact thanks to the multi-point padding and tough, non-woven material external cover.


  • High density foam padding
  • Sleek design allows pads to be worn under clothes
  • No restriction in movement - meaning you can move freely in your sport
  • Perforated neoprene to allow breathability
  • Terry-cloth lining inside for comfort and sweat absorption
  • Elastic sleeve, with Velcro fastening and strap guides to keep pads in place and secure.

Harsh Elbow Pads are available as either a "FlexFit" or "Hard Shell" to suit the demands of your sport just like the knee pads which are also available.

The tough, impact resistant, outer hard shell of the Pro Park elbow pad features Velcro fastening straps to hold them securely in place as well as EVA foam padding inside to offer great comfort.

FlexFit elbow gaskets are perfect, under garment pads. They're lightweight, offer a slimmer profile and the flexibility offered by these pads allows for ease of movement - without compromising on protection.

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