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Deadbolt Grandslam Knee Pads

Deadbolt Grandslam Knee Pads

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Those who have tried Deadbolt pads have loved them - even likening them to 'falling on clouds'! Since their initial release skaters from all around the world have provided their feedback to help make Grand Slam pads even better!

The different movements and requirements of the pads vary greatly for each sport and Deadbolt have listened and designed their Grand Slam pads to reflect this and to be suitable for multi sports.

New and updated strapping systems made with high grade elastic, have been triple stitched to allow for maximum comfort when in use and helps minimise movement on impact. The already slim-line dual layered, memory foam padding has been further reduced by 3/4" and the protective caps have been re-designed to feature a smaller Deadbolt logo so there is more room for you to add your own! As the foam and protective caps can be removed so simply it makes washing your knee pads a dream.

To top it all off, Deadbolt saw that the referee's out there were getting hardly any derby love, so have designed the zebra print Grand Slam pads with them in mind...but we're not stopping you wearing them if you're not a ref!
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