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Crazy Skates

Crazy Skates Quake Wheels - Green 63mm x 36mm 96a

Crazy Skates Quake Wheels - Green 63mm x 36mm 96a

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QUAKE 96A Derby Special Green X-Grip Wheels
Hardness:  96A
Diameter X Width:  59mm X 36mm or 63mm X 36mm Slim Wheels
Compound:  Cast Urethane Formula
Hub Info:  White Fan Jet Delrin Hub
Packaging:  In Sets of 4
                 (2 Packages to make a full set of 8 Wheels)
                 Sets of 4 can be mixed to provide variable grip

CRAZY QUAKE wheels are high performance Cast Translucent Poly-Urethane wheels.  This means they are difficult to flat, have a good amount of roll, and yet grip hard.  The GREEN version of the QUAKE wheels is an 96A durometer, which is the hardest of the QUAKE wheels.  

The QUAKE wheels come in 3 hardnesses: Red=XXX or 88A, Blue=XX or 92A, and Green=X or 96A.
The QUAKE wheels have 2 sizes in Diameter: 59mm or 63mm Diameter X 36mm Wide.
The QUAKE wheels have a moderate Rebound, which gives them a very good feel and roll.
The QUAKE wheels are well suited for many types of Indoor Skating surfaces like Concrete, Wooden Floors coated or un-coated, Outdoors, or Sport Court – any surface is a match for these Great Wheels….. 

From a Derby perspective: The QUAKE Green X are 96A and are a narrow wheel that works best for Jammers are not for the squeamish or those that are not extremely experienced and have tried other hard wheels.  The speed that can be generated for Jamming on a very tight or grippy wood or coated Skating Surface is a dream on these QUAKE Green X-96A wheels, as they allow control and slide when you want it for freestyling. The QUAKE Green X are 96A are all about moving and moving fast on a short or tall narrow wheel so that you have a lot of side to side agility, meaning no tripping up others or being caught on their fat wheels.  The narrow wheel width of the CRAZY QUAKE wheels allow for extreme edges when taking the curve of the apex of the track.  These wheels are FAST and feel hard!  So expect slick on slick surfaces!.  The QUAKE wheels have a combination that is good for almost all surfaces.

Why do we sell in 4 Packs?

All CRAZY Skates wheels are sold in 4 packs to give you the choice and flexibility – you can choose to mix colours and durometers. Mixed colours not only look good – it serves a function. Some skaters choose to use harder durometer wheels on their outside wheels, and softer durometers for their inside wheels. This can assist skaters with grip and roll, along with control entering the corners, and giving that rebound thrust and rollout when coming out of the corner! It’s all about choice – you decide – 8 the same or Mix & Match!

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