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Crazy Skates

Crazy Skates 3 in 1 Footbed Insole System

Crazy Skates 3 in 1 Footbed Insole System

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Following on from the success of the Crazy Skates adjustable derby skate they used to sell, you can now buy the 3 in 1 footbeds to make your skates last far longer & allow kids that bit more growing room while looking after their feet!

Roller skates should fit tightly to begin with to allow for the stretching that happens as part of the breaking in process, this ensures they fit well for the long term & not just when you first buy them. But when little feet are growing (& sometimes they grow quickly!) you want to get your monies worth out of your skates & these insoles allow you to do just that. 


XS 32-34
S 35-38
M 38-40
L 41-43

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