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Cortina Lil Dre Signature Bearings

Cortina Lil Dre Signature Bearings

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Cortina Signature Series bearings are built with premium materials and engineered to withstand daily, heavy use. 


• Na-Kel Smith signature skateboard bearings
• High performance skateboard bearings
• Matching axle nuts & washers
• Interchangeable shields
• Shield popper for easy customisation
• Stickers
• Engineered for performance, designed for luxury

Cortina Bearing Co is a skateboard bearing company creating quality skateboard bearings. The Cortina skateboard bearing range includes the Presto and Gran Turismo alongside Cortina's range of signature series bearings backed by their professional team which includes Nakel Smith, Elijah Berle, Kyle Walker, T Funk, Kevin Bradley and Casper Brooker.  

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