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Smith Scabs

Smith Scabs Adult Combo Pad Set - Purple Leopard

Smith Scabs Adult Combo Pad Set - Purple Leopard

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While we sometimes have these in store we will most likely need to order them in for you. Delivery is approx 7-14 days.

Scabs introduced the 3 set as a great combo pack available in Adult sizes.  With reinforced stitching for great performance.  Offered as a pull over elbow and knee with velcro strap closure to prevent slippage.  The wrist guard included comes with 3  vlecro straps to secure and adjust to your wrist.  Offering great production and a slim profile.

Sizing available in Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Skill level recomended:  Entry and Intermediate.

Set Includes:  Knee pad, Elbow pad and wrist guards

Matching knee, elbow, and wrist guards in one set. Professional design in Adult size.

Wrists: 3 Velcro straps for easy entry; Nylon body with reinforcements at critical areas; Top-side and palm-side plastic splints to protect the wrist.
Elbow & Knee Pads Hard shell plastic cap is riveted to a tough canvas body; 1/2 inch foam padding at, below and above joint; Two elastic straps secure the pad to your body. We have a limited amount of medium pad sets which come in Blue.

Knee pads, Elbow pads, and Wrist guards

Size Guide:
Wrist Guards Size in Inches
Small 6"- 7"
Medium 7"- 8"
Large 8"- 9"
XL: 9.5"-10.5"

Elbow Pads
Small Overall Length: 9" Top Opening: 11"-14.2"
Medium Overall Length: 9" Top Opening: 11"-14.2"
Large Overall Length: 10" Top Opening: 13"-16"
XLarge Overall Length: 10" Top Opening: 13"-16"

Knee Pads
Small Top Opening: 11"-12" Bottom Opening: 8.5"-9.5"
Medium Top Opening: 12"-13" Bottom Opening: 9"-10"
Large Top Opening:13"-14" Bottom Opening: 10"-11"
XLarge Top Opening: 15"-16" Bottom Opening: 10.5"-11.5"

Be sure that when measuring, that your limb is relaxed. This will allow you to get the most accurate measurement.

We have a small amount of these in stock, from time to time we may have to order more in to complete orders as such these will have a small delay on shipping while we wait for their arrival. For an up to date ETA please contact us.

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