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Chicks in Bowls

CIB Vortex Wheels

CIB Vortex Wheels

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Reckless CIB Vertex Wheels are the hardest, tallest wheels that CIB have ever made and are designed to take your skating to new heights by maintaining motion and achieving maximum speed!

It's no secret that you want a hard wheel to skate parks and ramps, but the Vertex Wheels will take you to a new height with more velocity and the ability to sustain energy and drive speed.


  • Width: 32.5mm
  • Height: 61mm
  • Running Surface: 24mm
  • Durometer: 103a


In recent years there has been much progression in roller sports from aggressive in-line skating, popular back in the 90’s, to the revival of derby skating in the 2000s. And, so with a new year comes a new roller skating craze to hit the skateparks!

Chicks in Bowls (CIB) is a US organisation founded in 2012 by Samara Pepperell aka Lady Trample whose main goal is to encourage skaters to lace up their skates, hit the skateparks and try something new. With Samara's involvement in this new skating discipline and the wheel making knowledge from Reckless Wheels, they have teamed up to produce a new line of specialist wheels which will help you to shred, slide and grind to your heart's content. Poured in the heart of California with designs dreamed up by the CIB crew in New Zealand, these wheels have been tested from coast to coast across America, Australia and New Zealand.

The two companies have drawn on their shared experiences of park, ramp and street skating to design a unique wheel range that takes from the best of artistic, derby skating and skateboarding, combining their design with a special formula that minimises your chance of flat spots.

Street Wheels: Smaller for faster acceleration and perfect for all types of terrain and general skating.
Park Wheels: If you're looking for the smoothest ride and the perfect balance between grip and slip these are the ones for you!
Ramp Wheels: If you're looking for a speed boost, to slide further, to get bigger air, or just generally skate harder then the ramp wheels have you covered.

Take your skating to new heights with the all NEW CIB Reckless Wheels designed specifically for aggressive roller skating

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