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Chaya Rental Quad Roller Skates

Chaya Rental Quad Roller Skates

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This skate propels you to the heart of the roller skating movement. Whether you're buying your first pair of roller skates or you're growing your collection, you will be thrilled with the look and feel of these roller skates, with which you can ride, dance and everything that comes to your mind.

Technical characteristics:

- Boot: action leather and vinyl

- Liner: with extra support on inside for heel and sides.

- Reinforced eyelets and waxed laces.

- Chaya BSS outsole with heel shock absorber.

- Plate: Chaya Shari.

- Toestopper: Chaya Controller.

- Bearings: Wicked ABEC 7.

- Wheels: 59mm 83A.


These are a non stock order in item, ETA is approx 5-7 days. Please contact for an up to date arrival.

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