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Chaya Pro Park Wide Trucks

Chaya Pro Park Wide Trucks

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The Chaya Pro Park Truck is a high quality truck designed specifically for park and street skating and can be used with your favorite CHAYA Park Skates offering great durability, agile turns and smooth grinds. The Chaya Pro Park Truck is made of highest-grade forged aluminum material including durable CroMo steel axles.

The 2,8" / 72mm wide hangers offer agile turns and great maneuverability on bowls and on ramps, while the unique offset hanger design adds additional protection for the kingpins, and increase the durability while clearing wheel bite.

With an overall width of 138mm, the Chaya Pro Park Truck is helping to lock tricks and allowing for technical grinds. Designed and tested by Ragnaroll and the Chaya Pro Team.


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