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Chaya Diamond Boot Only

Chaya Diamond Boot Only

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Chaya (Kai-ah) is the new roller derby specific brand from Powerslide. Powerslide have 20+ years of skating experience to pull from, and they have spent the past three years perfecting the Chaya product line. Their aim is to create clean, pure, durable and performance focused products.

A great feature to the Chaya boot is it should be heat moulded to garantee a completely custom fit to your foot.
Perhaps the most exciting part of Chaya's product line is their Dual Center Mount System... for the first time in derby, you can self mount your boot to your plate with just 2 screws (no power tools required) which means you can adjust the plate to suit your personal skating style (front to back and 3mm side to side)... you can readjust your plate mount as and when needed with no drilling required and no fear of mounting your plate incorrectly. Further info can be found on Chaya's YouTube channel

Features of the Diamond Boot:
- Carbon Composite shell with Kevlar reinforcements
- Lace Cover with zip for clean look and no lace hassle
- Extra Heel Lock for the perfect fit
- Dual Center Mount system
- Fully Heatmouldable carbon MY FIT shell (Heat moulding Tutorial)
- Microfiber Lining and Upper along with Nanoleather and protective scuff resistant leather on toe
- Anatomical Innersole
- Super Lightweight (size 42 only 314g)
- Lightly waxed laces
- Extra Durable with highest quality abrasion resistant materials
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