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Chaya Chameleon Roller Skates

Chaya Chameleon Roller Skates

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Chaya Chameleon Low Roller Skates - The ultimate jam skate. sturdy outsole with torsion bar, Zena aluminum plate, Dual Center Mount, Flap’n’Strap system


Die-hard jammers, session skaters, and rink rats your ideal roller skate is here - say hello to the low-cut CHAYA Chameleon jam roller skate! This innovative, high-performance jam skate is designed to deliver a wide range of motion and ample support for any style of jam skating, including session skating. The outsole is made of a lightweight composite including a torsion bar for great power transferh. Paired with high-end padding the boot delivers unparalleled fit and performance. This impressive jam roller skate includes a lightweight and rigid Galaxy Evo plate. The low-cut CHAYA Chameleon also offers a unique Flap'n'Strap system. Each box includes three extra colors of flaps (red, blue and gold) which are fully removable and interchangeable, giving you the ability to customize your skates and change the colors like you want. Complete with CHAYA Drift wheels and WICKED ABEC 9 freespin bearings, this awesome jam skate delivers a fast, smooth ride and great dance action at every time. The low-cut CHAYA Chameleon gives you all the tools you need to shine at the next jam session.



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