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Bont Quadstar Boot Only

Bont Quadstar Boot Only

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The QuadStar is Bont's latest boot, breaking the mould of what an entry level skate should be and throwing high performance and top quality materials into the mix.

The Quadstar skate features a genuine Australian leather outer skin with triple layer protection in the toe area. The base is made of fiberglass so it is extremely strong and the entire boot is heat mouldable. In fact, it’s the most moldable boot on the market. The Quadstar is designed to be better than some high end skates, at a fraction of the price. The skate is so good that Bont Quadstar Mr Furieux used them in the Men's World Cup.

The higher cut of the ankle offers additional suppport whilst locking the heel into place, the toe box is wider and tougher than a Bont Hybrid. With FX1 wheels and Micro Bearings too this is a fantastic package for any beginner to intermediate skater


These are only available as a pre order item at this time. Delivery may vary & depends entirely on Bont & the stock they have. Please contact for an up to date ETA before purchasing.

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