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Bont Discotrux Wide Skate Trucks

Bont Discotrux Wide Skate Trucks

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The DiscoTrux is a roller skate truck created specifically for street and park skating. Designed by Bont Parkstar 'Disco', he has combined his many years of rolling skating with his creativity for problem solving.

The DiscoTrux is a new unique design for roller skate trucks, made of solid aluminum with interchangeable parts, specifically the option to use wide or extra wide axles (70mm or 100mm). However, they are only available in 70mm version in the current 2020 Bont package.

Discotrux also comes with alternative length pivot pins, to ensure the adjustment can be made to fit many versions of roller skate plates across brands.

The small pivot ball ensures the pivot pin will action, with great response.
(Note: Discotrux must be used with hard plastic pivot cups. The small pivot ball will otherwise pierce through any rubber pivot cup). The adjustable pivot pin also allows for any slide block mounting bar to be introduced and to maintain standard plate bushings.

Why invest in wide skate trucks? Wide trucks are ideal for street and park skating as they provide greater stability for building speed and transitioning from flat to vertical surfaces.

DiscoTrux is designed to suit Bont Tracer plate. They are compatible with other brand plates that have hard plastic pivot cups. If you have any questions or queries please contact

NOTE: The latest version of Bont Discotrux has the axle poles fixed with pushed pins. This change keeps the axles secure and means that they can not fall out. When changing wheels, you may feel some wiggle on the axle, which is normal. Tested by our Parkstar team, this wiggle is not noticeable once you tighten your wheels and will not impact your skating. Also, once pressure is applied to the truck, the axle will not move. 

Team Testing

Our Bont Quadstar team are some of the best skaters in the World. They love to give us feedback! From the little things like the placement of the buckle to trialing the latest materials, they help Bont create products that not only look good but perform at the elite international level.

6061 Aluminium

6061 Aluminum is a very versatile metal which makes it easy for us to extrude and machine. It has very good anti-corrosive properties and specifically for roller skating it is not a very brittle metal which is good for fighting against stress fatigue.

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