SEBA '17 High Light V2 - Black/Black

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The Legendary Seba High skates revisited and converted for ultimate performance. Carbon Skates make a real difference in terms of weight, precision and support. 

Seba have built upon the already solid foundations of their popular High Light Skates, to create the newest Seba High Light V2 Skates. The black on black design with subtle grey accents, gives the High Light V2 skates a sleek finish.

Seba have upgraded the frames on the High Light V2 to the newest Seba Deluxe V2 frames, the likes of which are usually only seen on much higher priced models such as the Seba Igor skates. The frame comes with the popular 80mm Street Invader wheels, giving the skater the opportunity to ride either a flat or rockered set up.

The Seba V2 High Light skates have been ergonomically designed to offer support where it is needed most. The triple point boot closure system holds your foot firmly and securely to provide unmatched responsiveness.

Whether you are skating the city streets, testing out the ramps at your local skatepark, or slalom skating, the new Seba High Light V2 skates offer a great specification for all disciplines.


Boot: Plastic shell with integrated liner
Frames: Deluxe V2
Wheels: 80mm Street invaders
Bearings: Twincam ILQ9 Slalom pro

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