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MyBonts Protege Custom Colour Boot Only

MyBonts Protege Custom Colour Boot Only

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Mybonts is the latest and greatest way to customize your Bont boots. We have been creating custom designs since 1975. Match your team colors, add your name.

These Boots Make You Wanna Dance!

Designed by Spencer Grant, one of the world's best Jam Skaters.


The Protégé is designed for Jam skating. It has a very low counter to make pulling off those dance moves a breeze. A lace cover keeps your laces out of the way.

Uni-directional Carbon Base

The Protégé has a carbon fiber base that is made of uni-directional carbon fiber. The same material that you find in high end bikes. It is an ultra light, ultra strong material. We source our carbon exclusively from the world's #1 carbon manufacturer, Toray of Japan. The base of the Vaypor is made by hand by sandwiching cross weave carbon and uni-directional carbon fiber which is embedded with epoxy thermo setting resin. The fibers are hand laid in the matrix according to the strain they will have to bear.

Durolite Outer Skin

Strength to weight ratio's have always played an important part in Bont cycling shoe design as all materials considered and developed for products within the Bont range must comply to strict standards. Durolite has been developed and chosen for the Protégé upper and liner for its extremely durable nature and light weight. Initially stock colors will be matt white and matt black with additional colors available in our semi custom range.

Semi Custom Options

Bont offers an enormous variety of semi custom options.

Fit Options

Here are a list of some of the semi custom fit options that you can specify when ordering your boots:

  • One foot longer or wider than the other
  • Skinny ankles
  • Skinny feet
  • Wide feet
  • Slightly abnormal shaped feet
  • Flat feet
  • Leaving room for your orthotics to fit into your boot

We adjust the last before building your stock boot to accommodate for any of these modifications.

Performance Options

  • Boot height
  • Heel rise

All of the above options including color options are covered by one low $50 fee.


The Protégé is stitched by an expert sewer who has no other role apart from stitching. Unlike most boots on the market that use cosmetic stitching, the stitching on Bont boots actually serves a purpose and stitches the outer skin to the boot itself. This results in less stretch and a longer lasting boot. The Hybrid incorporates a beautifully crafted double stitch into parts of the boot.


Between the outer skin and the liner we add a material that is proprietary to Bont to stop the boot from stretching over time. This material has similar strength characteristics to Kevlar. This material is stitched to the outer skin and bonded to the liner so it can never move or be removed, it becomes part of the boots structure. This layer is the reason that Bont boots do not stretch out as much as other brands of boots over time.

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