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Kwik Swiss Nitride Bearings

Kwik Swiss Nitride Bearings

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The new KwiK Swiss Nitride Bearing has been engineered to provide extra speed, strength, and durability for all types of skating while requiring minimum maintenance.

You should be out there enjoying your new bearings, not worrying about them!

Utilizing proven Swiss-Made hardened chromium steel alloy balls, the races of the KwiK Swiss Nitride bearings – the surface where friction is created with the alloy balls – are coated with an imperceptibly thin coating of Titanium Nitride to produce the fastest and longest roll available today. And you’ll be able to relax and enjoy that roll right away because KwiK Swiss Nitride bearings come with XL1 Lube already applied for a bearing that is as easy to care for as it is to enjoy.

The introduction of the Titanium Nitride-coated KwiK Swiss Nitride Bearings is sure to revolutionize the roller skating world. Aside from the beautiful metallic gold appearance of the Titanium Nitride coating, this remarkable material will not chip, flake, or otherwise degrade during the roughest types of skating – after all, Nitride coating has been used for precision surgical devices and for numerous aerospace applications.

Noisy, bumpy wheels? Replace your regular bearings with KwiK Bearings for a long lasting roll.

KwiK Bearings have been designed in collaboration with Riedell Skates, who are known worldwide for their high quality products. To ensure the smoothest possible roll, all bearings from KwiK are coated with an anti-friction lubricant.

When looking for replacement bearings, there are two things to consider. The ABEC rating and the quality of the components to make them. The higher the ABEC rating, the longer the wheel will continue spinning. This is then enhanced further by the type of material used to create the ‘races’. Carbon steel races are used in cheaper bearing sets. These have a slower roll when under pressure, unlike the Chrome bearing races used on KwiK Bearings.

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