Junior Learn to Skate Lessons

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Junior Skate lessons for ages 5-17

Please contact if you have younger siblings that are near the age bracket that want to learn as skill depending we can be flexible.


Sessions are now at St. James school, Summer Lane, Exeter.

For more details please email Kate at rebootskateclub@yahoo.com


Kids will learn everything they need to get rolling, starting with falling safely right through to advanced skills. With assessments along the way so they can mark their progress & feel like they are working towards a goal. With guidance from our coach kids will grow in confidence as they learn new & exciting skills each week.

Sessions are either booked pay as you go or monthly, fees are £30 monthly or £8 per session.

Kit Required

Roller Skates

Knee Pads

Elbow pads

wrist Guards

Helmet - bike helmet will do. 

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