Crazy Skates DNA Custom Boot

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Crazy Skates DNA Full Custom Derby Boot

Crazy Skates make derby boots that are built to last and now you can have them anyway you like!

Crazy Skates have taken traditional skate designs and turned them on their head! The DBX is made from a hardwearing microfiber material with 70% of the boot being heatmouldable allowing you to get the very best fit possible. This is a skate full of clever technical features allowing you to get the very best balance between performance and comfort. The Microfiber is a high quality synthetic material that performs like leather, but will not stretch- ensuring that the boot keeps its shape and form.

DNA skates are made to order and available with loads of colour and text options. Choose from the supportive cut of the DBX3 or the performance cut of the DBX4 and then design your skate!


As a custom order this skate will take 4-6 weeks to arrive. Orders are non refundable/non returnable unless a manufacturing fault or error is identified. Once you place your order we will be in touch to discuss designs, style and sizing.