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Bont Vaypor Non-Custom Boot Only

Bont Vaypor Non-Custom Boot Only

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The Vaypor is a fully customisable boot designed for high level derby. Scientists have proven that cooler feet can boost performance. So the new Vaypor has more ventilation than any boot that Bont have ever made. The tongue is ventilated to let hot air out of the top of the boot. At the front, the protective bumper has air holes to let air in so the faster you skate, the more air that rushes in and cools your feet. There are also ventilation holes on top of your toes that let cool air in and hot air out. The Vaypor has a number of systems in place to hold you firmly in the boot. Firstly, there are the laces. Then there is a bottom velcro strap and finally a top lace cover with another velcro strap.

We have full Bont fitting stock in store. We recommend trying on skate boots before you buy them to ensure you have a well fitted boot, which is very important for performance. If you place your order online, we will contact to you find out which colour option you would like.

The non custom boot comes in 4 options:

Durolite Black with white printing and red stitching
Durolite Super Yellow with black printing and black stitching
Thick Leather Black with gold printing and black stitching
Thick Leather White with black printing and black stitching
This is available in standard sizes with no variation on design
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