Bont Hybrid Skate Package

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This particular model is being discontinued by Bont, so there are only a few sizes left. It is possible however to build a very similar custom Bont Hybrid Package for a similar price if you cannot find your size in this skate. Please email for more info or to order the similar package.

Get ready to out skate the competition with the Bont Hybrid package. Most entry level packages are made with old construction techniques using cardboard and wood. The Hybrid has a fully hand made fiberglass base and it is heat moldable to your feet.

Bont Hybrid boot
Closure: Velcro and lace
Base: Fibreglass
Lining: Microfiber
Outer Skin: Microfiber

Plate: Ignite Derby
The Ignite plate is light weight and strong. It's made with fiberglass reinforced plastic. Mounted to a Bont boot, this plate offers exceptional control and speed for a very affordable price.
This plate comes with 8mm axles.
These plates have a 16 degree action.

Toe Stop: Bont Stopper

Bearings : ABEC 7 Race Bearings

Bont ABEC 7 bearings have been designed for the elite racer. They have double shields to keep the dust and dirt out and the shield can easily be removed for cleaning. We sell the bearings lubricated with a light racing oil. This means you don't have to clean our all the thick oil that you find in other bearings. The bearing has an exceptionally low rolling resistance for maximum speed!

Wheels: Bont Ballistic 60mm x 40mm 92A


Heat Moldability
The fiberglass in the boot is made hard by the use of a thermosetting epoxy resin. Resin development is something that we have been doing since 1975. Formulating a resin that is super stiff, yet becomes moldable at low temperatures and has a fast cure time is critical for our unique requirement which is why we are the only skate manufacturer who develops our own resins in-house.
Our resin becomes soft at just 60°C (140°F) which is the lowest in the industry. Once you heat the resin, mold the shoe and let it set, it is permanently set without the need to remold. You can also reheat the resin as many times as you like.

Light Weight
Bont boots are manufactured by hand in a process where we build the boot from the inside out by hand laying the carbon of fiberglass around the last (plastic foot). This method of manufacturing is extremely time consuming compared to the traditional method of quad boot manufacturing which is done by gluing the upper to the pre made base. However, our method results in a much stronger and lighter structure.

Memory Foam
The Hybrid is made with high density closed cell memory foam. This padding will not deform over time or retain water from sweat or wet surfaces.

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