Antik Spectrum MG2 Custom Boots

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All the colours of the bow man! Create you dream skate with custom colours. Once order has been placed we will be in touch with the order form for you to complete.

As these are hand individually made delivery for custom items is 4-6 weeks.

Antik SkateBoots - Experience the feel of cutting edge design, passion and performance.

Antik Skate Boots are made in the USA by highly experienced craftsmen with decades of boot making experience behind them. No expense is spared when making Antik SkateBoots and only the finest materials are used to ensure the best comfort, the best performance and the best durability is achieved.
Everyone knows that Antik produce some of the finest skate boots around and just when you thought they couldn't get any better, for 2015 the MG-2 has been tweaked to perfection.

Antik sure have been busy this year! Along with updating the AR-1 model, Antik also decided that it was time for change on their MG-2 boot too! The new MG-2 boot is almost unrecognisable compared to the original model. Gone is the suede boot. Gone is the hard leather toe box, and in it's place? A new open toe, lace design. This will allow for a better more comfortable fit and like the AR-1, the MG-2 has also been redesigned on the all new "Ergo-Form" last which will give a more anatomical fit and help with the reduction of toe pinching. The lining of the boot is now a softer more absorbent Dri-Lex liner perfect to help with breathability and sweat absorption, while the boot tongue is contoured to fully cover your foot for a padded, comfortable fit.

Please Note: Older versions of the Antik AR1 and MG2 boots can no longer be produced, even as a custom boot.

Returns cannot be accepted for custom item

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