Luminous LED Light Up Inline Wheels 72mm - Various Colours

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Seba expanded the range of the Luminous, light up, inline skate wheels to include new colours, sizes and for the first time ever - quad roller skate wheels!

The Luminous lights encased within the 85a urethane compound are manufactured using LED technology. They will show off your moves to perfection at the local roller disco and will help you be seen at night on the streets.

Within the Luminous by Seba range, there are three different sizes to choose from, 72mm 76mm and 80mm. Not only are there different size options, but there are eight different colours to choose from! The Luminous 62mm, 72mm, 76mm and 80mm wheels are sold in packs of 4, which allows you the option to mix and match colours.

The Luminous LED technology encased within the 85a urethane, will show off your moves to perfection at your local roller disco, and will also help you be seen on the streets.

Available in packs of four and THREE different sizes;

  • 72mm (4pk)
  • 76mm (4pk)
  • 80mm (4pk)

and EIGHT different colour options (72mm, 76mm, and 80mm options only), you can mix and match your favourite colours for a customised ride.

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